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Meet the first t-shirt from a new collection which turns historically homophobic slurs into something beautiful and proud. 

The insult "pansy" actually comes from the French "pensée", which is the past tense of "to think", but is also a feminine reflexive. This term came about in the mid-15th century and essentially it was used to negatively describe a man who thinks too much, "like a woman" . If a man was not brawny, active or robust, he was thought to be slightly effeminate. It wasn't until the late 1920s that the term "pansy" was aimed at gay men.

The actual pansy flower however is robust and can bounce back time and again when trampled on, all the while flaunting its beauty. So going by this definition, hell yes to Pansies everywhere! 🌸

Screen printed using a hand drawn positive by myself in Hackney, London.

Pre-sale launching on Sunday 4th October at 3pm BST and ending on Sunday 1st November at 9pm BST

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Once the pre-sale has ended please allow 14 days for all orders to be screen printed and posted. If you don't see your size listed please get in touch and I'll do my best to accommodate.


This is a pre-sale so orders will be produced and posted once it ends. If you need the t-shirt by a specific date please get in touch as I have limited stock available and ready to go. 

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